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Member Spotlight: Celia Marie

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Meet Celia Marie, a business strategist and founder of SheInBiz™

Hello, I’m Celia.

I’m the founder of SheInBiz™ and a business strategist  for mission-driven, womxn entrepreneurs in the early stages of their service-based businesses.

With an MBA and over 13 years of corporate experience working with businesses across all industries and sectors, I understand the fundamental business principles necessary to build a profitable and sustainable business.

Today, I  help my clients apply those same business principles towards building a business that is aligned to their values and vision for their life.

Through  SheInBiz™ strategy sessions, group workshops and retreats, I help  entrepreneurs develop the skills, courage and community they need to confidently build a profitable business and make a bigger impact.

My mission is to help womxn achieve their highest potential through their work. And to create a community of womxn entrepreneurs who learn together, grow together and grow their businesses.

What is an achievement that you are very proud of?

Starting my business is an achievement I’m very proud of. I had, what many would consider, a successful career in the corporate world. I was making over 6-figures, I owned my own home and lived a great lifestyle. But yet I found myself dreading going to work every day and I couldn’t shake the feeling that there had to be more to my life.

I kept yearning to make a real difference with my work and my time. I wanted what I did to mean something beyond improving the bottom line. So I made the decision to walk away from my corporate career and start my own business.  

I’m proud of this achievement because it took a lot of courage and faith in myself for me to walk away from the stability and success of my corporate career and venture out into the unknown and unfamiliar world of entrepreneurship. 

What is a piece of advice that you could offer others who would like to follow in your path?

Starting a business is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you will ever face in your life. As a business owner everything rests on you. And for many of the women I work with, they are deeply passionate and skilled in their own zone of genius but struggle with all the aspects of how to structure and run a business. That’s my zone of genius. 

Entrepreneurship can also feel very lonely at times. So my advice would be to surround yourself with a great community of entrepreneurs who are sharing the journey with you. Together you can share ideas, leverage each others skills, support each other through the tough times and celebrate each others successes.

What has kept you feeling driven and motivated even during the harder parts of entrepreneurship?

What drives me is my mission to help women achieve their highest potential through their work. I believe that we are all here to realize our highest potential and for some of us that is through the work we do in this world. That’s why I work with mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to make their biggest contribution through their work. 

How do you hope to see your business grow?

I hope to grow my business by continuing to expand my reach and commitment to supporting womxn entrepreneurs who have the passion to launch a business but need the knowledge, skills and support to grow that passion into a sustainable source of income.

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