Member Spotlight: Afton Brazzoni

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Meet Afton, founder of Scribe National

I started Scribe National to help B2B companies serve their audiences with captivating, refreshing, effective clarity.

I bring over 10 years of experience in marketing and communications, with a background in journalism, to my mission to deliver my clients excellent content that drives their businesses forward.

I have extensive experience in writing for the technology, finance and higher education sectors, and in developing strategies and content for entrepreneurs across industries.

Scribe National is a B2B copywriting studio. We ignite connections between brands and audiences through strategic, authentic storytelling.

We are dedicated to creating purposeful content that is aligned with your mission, amplifies your voice and achieves your goals.

What is an achievement that you are very proud of?

Starting a business while working a 40-hour per week job, leaving that job during COVID and seeing more success in my business than I have ever achieved before.

Also (this is a fun one): writing and self-publishing a book promoting small businesses (by way of their shop dogs), which was picked up by two national news networks.

What is a piece of advice that you could offer others who would like to follow in your path?

Get started. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by what may seem like a huge undertaking (starting a business), but the key for me has been to take action – small actions, one at a time – and keep yourself moving toward your goals.

What has kept you feeling driven and motivated even during the harder parts of entrepreneurship?

Doing what I love for a living, helping companies grow with excellent strategies and content, truly puts a smile on my face every morning — even before that first cup of coffee. It’s an honour to be able to serve my clients.

What made you decide to pursue your business?

I saw a need for a dedication to excellence and authenticity in content strategy, writing and editing, and I scaled that up to create a B2B copywriting studio that drives powerful connections between my clients and their audiences.

How do you hope to see your business grow?

My vision for Scribe National is to help B2B companies around the world serve their audiences through impeccable copywriting with captivating clarity to achieve their goals. 

I already have a small team working together to achieve this by next year, and work regularly with excellent partners to deliver for my clients. I hope for my team and client base to be even larger by next year.

Is there a message you’d like to share with other female entrepreneurs?

Skills can be learned. Your vision and your drive are within you. You have everything you need now to achieve greatness – it’s about putting all of the pieces together.

How has CanWCC helped you?

By giving me access to an invaluable peer network of female entrepreneurs. Thank you!

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