Though we offer our members a ton of benefits you won’t find anywhere else, the most critical difference between CanWCC and other entrepreneurial organizations is our advocacy role.

Because we are the Chamber of Commerce (the first and only for women business owners in Canada), we are called upon for input as part of the public consultation process when governments (of all levels) are considering policy change.

The Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce takes an intersectional approach to all advocacy activities. Our advocacy strategy was developed by collecting data from diverse voices.

Two foundational questions guide our advocacy activities:

  1. Will it benefit CanWCC’s members?
  2. Will it benefit the broader community of women-identified entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners?

We advocate for economic equity.

Economic inequity plays a key role in keeping women from realizing their economic independence and agency. It shows up in gaps in funding opportunities, accessing networks and resources, and how funders fundamentally approach women-led businesses. In discussions with our members and the larger community, the issue of access to capital came up again and again.

When you speak, we listen. So, we plan to focus our advocacy efforts on the complex issue of access to capital. Watch this space for updates in early 2023 on our work and impact.

We advocate for economic equity.


By joining us as a member (or a partner), you can help increase our influence (power in numbers!) – but beyond that, you’ll also have an opportunity to provide input every year that will shape our advocacy agenda.

Join us in the fight for economic equity.