Though we offer our members a ton of benefits you won’t find anywhere else, the most critical difference between CanWCC and other entrepreneurial organizations is our advocacy role.

Because we are the Chamber of Commerce (the first and only for women business owners in Canada), we are called upon for input as part of the public consultation process when governments (of all levels) are considering policy change.

We take this responsibility very seriously and welcome the opportunity to meet with senior policy analysts, ministers and other representatives at every level of government.

Every two years, through consultation with our members, partners and Board of Directors, we establish an advocacy agenda that:

  • Identifies key issues that significantly impact women-identified entrepreneurs and business owners in Canada, and
  • Makes specific policy and/or action recommendations 

Our Advocacy Agenda
The key issues of our 2019-2020 advocacy agenda are:

  • Access to capital
  • Access to corporate and government supply chains
  • Pay equity
  • Affordable childcare

This is by no means an exhaustive list – but rather our ‘top priorities’ for this 12- to 24-month period.

View or Download our complete Advocacy Agenda
Below is a summary of our key recommendations for each of our current key issues

Key Recommendations

By joining us as a member (or a partner), you can help increase our influence (power in numbers!) – but beyond that, you’ll also have an opportunity to provide input every year that will shape our advocacy agenda.

Join the fight for change and equality