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One of the many ways we provide value to our members is through strategic partnerships with other organizations that – like us – believe in, and want to support, women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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CanWCC has a vast partner network at its members’ disposal. Partnerships fall into one or more categories:

  • Trusted Partner: Values-vetted businesses that have the opportunity to provide service offers and discounts to an engaged and growing group of women-identified and non-binary business owners.
  • Ecosystem Partner: Organizations that are working on an adjacent or complementary agenda as CanWCC.
  • Educational Partner: Businesses and organizations we engage with to ensure our members have access to educational and other supports they need to scale their business.
  • Project Partner: Organizations and businesses that we partner with to launch and achieve the goals of a specific project.
  • Government Partner: Government offices and organizations whose work aligns with ours and who we work with to promote shared goals.
  • Media Partner: Media outlets who report with integrity on subjects related to women’s entrepreneurship, feminist approaches to policy and economics or gender equity.
  • Charitable Partner: Charities that we support through promoting to our members or member network. Corporate
  • Sponsor: Organizations that work with us to fund projects that support women’s entrepreneurship programs and economic equity.
"The Workaround is a co-working space that provides onsite childcare options for entrepreneurial and remote working parents.  Partnering with CanWCC allowed us to connect with potential customers and to join forces on issues that matter to us and our community.  A partnership with CanWCC goes beyond just co-promotion or reciprocal discounts; it is a true collaboration."
Amanda Munday
Founder and CEO, The Workaround


Partners include these organizations, among many others:
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