CanWCC was rebranded in 2019 with the collaboration of an all-female identified team headed by Sarah Kiriliuk of Rise Agency.
Thank you to the CanWCC Members, Partner, and Team whose photos and videos are featured on the site: Catherine Chan (, Dianne Chevalard (Working Ensemble), Michelle Leong Francis (TTG Group), Tori Lord (Top Knot Inc), Anu Luthra (Lumehra), Avery Swartz (Camp Tech), Amanda Munday (The Workaround), Joella Almeida (Manager of Strategic Partnerships, CanWCC), Paula Fletcher (Manager of Community Development and Social Media, CanWCC), and Nancy Wilson (Founder and CEO, CanWCC).

Creative Director - Sarah Kiriliuk of Rise Agency

Branding and Visual Identity - Elyssa Schmid

Photos - Jen Allison of Jen Allison Photography

Video - Lysanne Louter from iWebYou

Copywriting - Janet Nielson of The Copy Curator

Web Design - Rachel Di Martino of Geek Unicorn and Veronica Thibault

U/X Research - Catherine Nasije

Marketing Support - Sarah J Parke