Member Spotlight: Aymen Dewji

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Meet Aymen Dewji,Managing Partner and Founder of ShiftRight Consulting.

My name is Aymen Dewji and I am the Managing Partner and Founder of ShiftRight Consulting, a human capital consulting firm with a passion for change!

Founded in 2017, we have helped global Fortune 500 organizations and public sector firms make sustainable change a reality. Our belief is that change done well, is ‘change made easy’.

Our expertise lies in helping you diagnose, design and deliver the strategies and tools needed to ensure that your organization not only shifts but that it ‘shifts right’.

Whether you are implementing a new process or technology or acquiring an organization, we are here to help.

We simplify the transformation process by focusing on your bottom line objectives while empowering the engine that determines your success: your people, your processes and your tools.

Our suite of services include: Change Transformation, Organizational Redesign and Leadership Development. Our collaborative tactical engagement approach ensures a shared accountability to your transformative goals. 

What is an achievement that you are very proud of?

The ability to take a vision and turn it into a viable business model through the development of ShiftRight. Entrepreneurship requires a level of strategic thinking, calculated risk-taking and unparalleled determination. I am proud to have founded an organization that at its core is focused on helping organizations and people achieve goals that may at first glance seem daunting. Our value-system is truly based on the belief that we are partners with vs. vendors of our clients. 

What is a piece of advice that you could offer others who would like to follow in your path?

If you see a gap in the market and believe you can solve it or do it better, go for it! Don’t wait for the perfect time, or moment, that doesn’t exist. Start, and keep going and always put out a product or service that you are proud of and that will be a testament to your continued success. 

What has kept you feeling driven and motivated even during the harder parts of entrepreneurship?

The challenge of solving a complicated problem was what initially attracted me to the idea of entrepreneurship and is what continues to motivate me to strive for better despite market circumstances or unanticipated bumps in the road. If you really believe you offer something of value you then you are naturally motivated to continue to pursue it passionately!

How do you hope to see your business grow?

I hope to see our business grow both nationally and internationally. We also hope to expand into a ‘Change in a box’ product offering to allow our clients to develop their own internal change maturity and capability independently. We want to give them the ingredients and the instructions for continued success!

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  • Change Management
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Leadership Development 

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