Member Spotlight: Branshe Schutz

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Meet Branshe Schutz, Owner of CertaPro Painters.

Me and my husband bought CertaPro Painters, by destiny I ended running it mostly which I’m proud of. We paint residential and commercial, interior and exterior on East York and Don Mills area.

What is an achievement that you are very proud of?

Setting roots of this business and moving to Canada.

What is a piece of advice that you could offer others who would like to follow in your path?

Be brave, ask for help and support, work your hardest.

What has kept you feeling driven and motivated even during the harder parts of entrepreneurship?

Start watching results, work for a life goal.

What made you decide to pursue your business?


How do you hope to see your business grow?

Getting more leads more work, settle residential and take commercial as well organically.

Is there a message you’d like to share with other female entrepreneurs?

Women are brave and capable enough to achieve our goals.

How has CanWCC helped you?

I joined to look for network and support. 

If you need my services!

Branshe Schutz.

Phone: 416-770-1758


Web page: