Member Spotlight: Cheryl Haskett

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Meet, Cheryl Haskett, Owner of Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life

Cheryl left her instructional design and corporate facilitation career to start and grow the award-winning Udderly Ridiculous Inc a goat milk ice cream company established in 2018 which launched in 2019 and Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life which launched July 2021 made up of an on farm store and experiential agri-tourism facility offering 8+ Experiences for people of all ages. Cheryl is also a mother of 2 boys, step mom to 2 boys and wife, along with Mom to 4 legged “kid goats”, alpacas, Llama, chickens, and cattle on her husbands 3 generational farm. Cheryl is a survivor of childhood and domestic abuse and is now past “surviving” to inspire others to thrive in the aftermath of trauma. 

What is an achievement that you are very proud of?

We have won several awards within our first year of operating both the ice cream business (3 ribbons at the Royal Winter Fair 2019 & Grand Prix of New Products in Canada) and the Agri-tourism Facility (Entrepreneur of the year, Best New Tourism Product Oxford Tourism & Innovator of the Year Southwest Ontario Tourism). 

What is a piece of advice that you could offer others who would like to follow in your path?

Ask a million questions, ask the hard questions and make sure you are getting honest answers about not just the good but also the most challenging parts of the business you are entering into. 

What has kept you feeling driven and motivated even during the harder parts of entrepreneurship?

Our customers and guests keep us going – having someone tell us how amazing our ice cream is and how much they appreciate being able to eat real ice cream again without pain and having a guest who not only learned something new but left energized and excited because of the experience we facilitated for them. 

What made you decide to pursue your business?


How do you hope to see your business grow?

We want to be here for the long duration and so being able to just survive COVID is a success but we need to rebuild momentum and see it grow in a way we can manage and allow for some downtime now and again! 

Is there a message you’d like to share with other female entrepreneurs?

You are not alone in your struggle or the rollercoaster of feelings that come along with being an entrepreneur – no matter how “successful” someone’s social feed makes them look, everyone is challenged in some way, try not to compare but to reach out and share. 

How has CanWCC helped you?

Being able to be connected to other women entrepreneurs allows for all of us to grow and collaborate. 

Reach out to me about:

  • Food production
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  • Having an honest conversation about the struggle and the success!

Cheryl Haskett.


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