TEDxWomen – TEDxTrinity Bellwoods: Showing Up

TEDx Showing Up


TEDxTrinity Bellwoods is thrilled to be hosting a TEDxWomen Event as part of TEDWomen 2018.  In this full-day event at Metro Hall, Rotunda, Toronto, they will be featuring a lineup of dynamic and diverse women that are showing up to face challenges head-on, all while empowering each other to shape the future we all want to see.  Audience members will be treated to new and inspiring ideas and the chance to connect with the community.

The theme for this year’s TEDWomen is “Showing Up”.  It has been more than a year since the #metoo movement captured the worlds attention.  As is noted on the TEDWomen 2018 website,  “Women the world over are no longer accepting the status quo. They’re rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries. Whatever their focus and talent — business, technology, art, science, politics — these pioneers and their allies are joining forces in an explosion of discovery and ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change”. (https://tedwomen2018.ted.com).

This event is a chance to celebrate that fact and look to the future!   To find out more you can visit www.tedxtrinitybellwoods.com.  See below for a list of speakers and performers:


Olutoyin Oyelade – Investor, Entrepreneur and Researcher explores “What’s Wrong with Women”

Heather Mae Cavanagh – Corporate Professional turned Coach and Mindset Trainer highlights the importance of “A Culture of Sharing – Even in Corporate”

Ruby Latif – Change Agent and Social Science Scholar emphasizes “How to Make It, and Then Shake It”

Jessica Santonato – Joy Alchemist and Entrepreneur reflects on “Dear Husband, Thank You for Trying to Kill Me”

Dena Jackson – Comedian and Yoga Expert shares that “90% of Yoga is Off the Mat”

Cynthia Thurlow – Nurse Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist, Hormonal Health Expert encourages us to “Embrace Vitality and Hope”

Kirsten Siggins – Curiosity Nerd, Communication Ambassador and Author shares “Lessons learned from a 3-Year Old”.

Maja Jovanovic – Sociologist, Scholar, Author and Social Media sensation, discusses “How apologies are killing your confidence”

Adeola D. Olubamiji – Biomedical Engineer and Scientist shares the benefits of 3D Printing for Osteoarthritis

Song & Dance:

Susan Tsagkaris – opera singer, drama soprano

Find Your Fierce – dance and fitness

Dance Alchemists – Energy in Motion

Art Viewing: Zoey Zoric, Catherine Mills, Irene Sirko, Jane F Potter & Lisa Qiu