InFounders + CanWCC: Masterminds for Entrepreneurs

We’re proud to announce that we have partnered with InFounders, an organization specializing in masterminds for entrepreneurs, to offer CanWCC – InFounders Masterminds, exclusive to our members.

We are committed to bringing our exceptional community of women entrepreneurs together and believe that a mastermind can be a game-changing experience in helping you achieve your goals faster and better.

Masterminds are insider teams of entrepreneurs who work together to bring their businesses to the next level. They offer a confidential setting where you can have deep and honest conversations about what’s truly going on with your business. Members work together as allies, advisors, and supporters to brainstorm solutions, share business tactics, and inspire one another to do their best entrepreneurial work.

Our initial masterminds will launch in Toronto in the Spring of 2018. We look forward to seeing our CanWCC Members empower one another through incredible collaboration.

To learn more about CanWCC Membership visit

To learn more about the CanWCC-InFounders Mastermind visit (Please note: You must be a CanWCC Member to participate in this mastermind and receive the 45% discount)