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What Happens When You Join a Chamber of Commerce (Hint: 3 Things)

To say that this year, the world has gone through a shift in collective consciousness is an understatement. There’s never been a better time to join our chamber of commerce.

If you’ve got challenges on top of challenges right now – you’re not alone.

Nor should you be.

Be honest, when you think of a chamber of commerce, do you think of a “man’s club”?

If yes, again, you’re not alone.

Did you know that there was no women’s national chamber of commerce in Canada until 2018?

Read that again. Until we launched, there was no Canadian Chamber of Commerce that represented the interests of women business owners. 

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, on the other hand, started in 1926.


Is your jaw on the floor?

Ours was too. That’s why we created CanWCC

Be honest. When you think of a “traditional” Chamber of Commerce, do you think: they won’t understand my issues, my needs, or my ambitions?

You should have an organization advancing your needs in business.

And not just white women’s needs, either — all underrepresented entrepreneurs. People of Colour founders, Black founders, Indigenous founders, founders with disabilities, founders with mental health challenges; Immigrant and refugee founders. 

If you haven’t joined us yet, now is the time.

Joining CanWCC is a power move for you in your business. 

Here are 3 reasons why it’s the next move you need to make. 

When you join our chamber of commerce, you declare your business as long-term.

At any stage of business ownership — you ask yourself if you will “make it”. If you’ll be able to sustain an income if you’ll get the funding you need. When you join CanWCC you say to yourself and to your community: my business is real, sustainable, and I’m committed. 

It’s a power move. 

When you join our chamber of commerce, you bet on women.

We are stronger when we learn from one another. As we’ve seen this year, listening to each other is one of the most important actions we take. 

When you join CanWCC, you say yes to the success of other women like you. They share the doubts and fears that keep you up at night. They share the determination and passion that get you out of bed every morning. Our community supports you through tough times, celebrates one another, and shares knowledge along the way. 

When you join our chamber of commerce, you invest in advocacy.

To better support women and underrepresented founders in Canada, we need systemic change. 

When you join CanWCC, you invest in advocacy so things get better. 

We don’t have 100 years to wait for gender equality.

Changes are needed now — joining us ensures we have strength in numbers. 

If you’re ready to bet on yourself,

join CanWCC. 

When it comes to your next power move, we can’t think of anything better.