Michelle Leong Francis, Chief Business Architect, TTG Group Consulting Inc.

“We are mentors, nurturers, companions, caregivers, confidants, leaders … we are women. We show up first, leave last and bridge gaps. Our brilliance, strength and silent power is acquired through pressure, demand and necessity … much like that of rare and precious stones. Being in the company of other women in, on and wrapping up this journey of invincibility is why I am a member of Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce.”

Michelle Leong Francis
TTG Group Consulting Inc.

Catherine Chan, Founder & CEO, FitIn

“As a female entrepreneur of a tech startup, it’s difficult to navigate the landscape that’s set up for the old boys club. We need groups like CanWCC to inherently see the value in what we’re doing so we can hit the ground running.”

Catherine Chan

Tori Lord, CEO, TopKnot

Top Knot is thrilled to be part of CanWCC. With such a positive approach to female entrepreneurship and women empowerment, it was a complete fit to partner with their organization. We can’t wait to see what collaborations and success will come in the following year. 

Tori Lord

Avery Swartz, Founder & CEO, CampTech

“Having a strong support system of like-minded entrepreneurs is essential to my business success. CanWCC acts as a connector between business owners, and provides valuable resources. We’re stronger when we’re together!”

Avery Swartz

Anu Luthra, CEO and Founder, Lumehra

“The unique thing about CanWCC is that because they’re a chamber of commerce, they’re policy driven. They help level the playing field for women, which is incredibly valuable.”

Anu Luthra

Amanda Munday, CEO, The Workaround

“Partnering with CanWCC allowed us to connect with potential customers and to join forces on issues that matter to us and our community.  A partnership with CanWCC goes beyond just co-promotion or reciprocal discounts; it is a true collaboration.”

Amanda Munday