Mom-owned Tech Company Provides Childcare Support for Women Entrepreneurs

Childcare is often a barrier to growth for women entrepreneurs as we often find we have to pass on opportunities because we can’t bring our children, or we can’t find childcare during business hours. HELM, your control panel for life as a parent, and Datenight Babysitting, Canada’s leading babysitting app that connects parents with experienced, local babysitters, is looking to help female entrepreneurs overcome this barrier in business through the new Childcare Support Pilot for Women Entrepreneurs.

As part of the pilot program, HELM and Datenight Babysitting will be providing grant-funded, flexible, and accessible childcare to female entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business. The pilot program is made possible through the Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Grant from the Government of Ontario and Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship (BII+E) at Ryerson University. The award is one of three grants geared toward supporting women entrepreneurs in Ontario.

Women entrepreneurs who fall under the criteria are eligible for child care under the grant to support them in activities to grow their business such as attending networking meetings, trade shows, sales meetings, accelerators, and last-minute grant application opportunities.

Elize Shirdel, a mother of two young children and founder of Datenight Babysitting and HELM, knows the struggles women entrepreneurs face with children. Both platforms were created out of necessity to fill a need she experienced. Today, Datenight Babysitting boasts a roster of 700+ babysitters and has booked 40,000 babysitting hours to date. Elize knows that technology can make life easier and she is hoping to close the gap to help parents on a day-to-day basis – especially for women entrepreneurs with children. “With a roster of babysitters whom the customer has already interviewed and selected, booking regular time slots or last-minute sessions is simple. A mom will never miss a meeting or be unable to address a business opportunity simply because she can’t find a sitter,” says Elize.

To learn more about the Childcare Support for Women Entrepreneurs Pilot Project, or to book an interview, visit