Can you imagine an organization that listens to women in business and takes action to address the challenges you face in reaching your goals?



CanWCC is not just another networking group.

CanWCC is an advocacy network of strong women founders and business owners just like you. It was created to understand what you need to be successful in business, take action, and to drive change.




CanWCC is for women* at any stage of business – and in any field – who:

  • Want to be part of a strong network of women business owners
  • Want to have the chance to participate and contribute their voice to building a new strategy for women in business
  • Are tired of wasting their time, money, and energy on low-impact events and programs
  • Want to be part of something ‘bigger’ and are hungry for change?
That’s me – sign me up!

*Important note: we believe that gender expression and identity is a fundamental right. We welcome all women as well as non-binary people as members.

WHAT DO WE DO? Here's the plan:

We are creating a network of women building strong, sustainable businesses (that’s you, by the way!)

We ask you what you need and want to achieve your goals – and we listen to what you tell us.

We take that information directly to policymakers and demand that they change, revise, or develop new, equitable policies for all women in business.



  • Being part of an uplifting and supportive community of likeminded women
  • Knowing exactly what resources – and funding sources – exist for you and how to access them
  • Growing your business through a strong and authentic referral network
  • Having a trusted place to turn to for advice, solidarity and understanding
  • Never feeling alone in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Helping to shape the future of entrepreneurship in Canada
  • Saving thousands of dollars per year

This is what’s available to you through CanWCC – plus events, an online community and more.



We welcome those who:

Identify as a woman or a non-binary individual


Represent a Canadian resident business entity (sole proprietor, corporation, or partnership) that is at least 50% woman-owned – and has a woman leader/CEO


Represent a Canadian not-for-profit corporation with a minimum of 50% women at the Board of Directors level


We know you’re working to build a successful business today, tomorrow, next week and next year.  That’s why we offer a membership package full of opportunities and access to tools and resources to help you reach your goals…. while we work on the big picture.

Resources & education to help you set up and grow your business


  • Connections to funders and lenders that cater to women and different industries
  • Education and information about money, pricing, social media and (so) much more
  • Tools and training that meets your needs and fits your busy schedule

Discounts and special offers from our trusted partners

…on everything from insurance to co-working to skills coaching.

More than just a business card: meaningful and relevant connections (both online and offline)


  • A vetted network of professionals including accountants, lawyers and marketers
  • Networking opportunities specific to your need, situation and/or goal(s)
  • Intimate events designed to foster authentic personal connections

The opportunity to expand your reach and impact

…within this community and beyond

Resources & education to help you set up and grow your business


  • Connections to funders and lenders that cater to women and different industries
  • Education and information about money, pricing, social media and (so) much more
  • Tools and training that meets your needs and fits your busy schedule
I'm IN!


Though we offer our members a ton of benefits you won’t find anywhere else, what makes us unique is we're the first – and only – Chamber of Commerce for women business owners in Canada. That opens doors at the highest levels of government for us to have a voice at the table. 

Simply by joining you’re helping increase our influence (power in numbers!) – but beyond that, you’ll also have an opportunity to provide input every year that will shape our bi-annual advocacy agenda.

And, along the way, you’ll gain access to things you need to grow and thrive in business – without any of the fluff or extra noise.

Join the community

We’re a diverse group of creative, ambitious women who believe in collaboration, inclusion, intentional action and innovation.

"We are mentors, nurturers, companions, caregivers, confidants, leaders … we are women. We show up first, leave last and bridge gaps. Our brilliance, strength and silent power is acquired through pressure, demand and necessity … much like that of rare and precious stones. Being in the company of other women in, on and wrapping up this journey of invincibility is why I am a member of Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce."
Michelle Leong Francis
Chief Business Architect, TTG Group Consulting Inc.

What’s Included in Your Membership

The Table

Our member community, available online via web and mobile platforms.

Member Logo

CanWCC member badge to post on your website, social media and marketing.


An opportunity to provide input into our national advocacy agenda.

Dress for Success

10% of your annual membership fee goes to support programs for women who face barriers to employment.

Press Reader

VIP subscription to Press Reader, with full digital access to newspapers and magazines.

Discounts and Promotions

Thousands of dollars of money saving partner discounts.

...and (so much) more!
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Discounts & Offers

One of the most valuable things you’ll receive as part of your membership is a growing list of offers and discounts from partner businesses. As a member you can save on everything from skills training to co-working to business building tools.

Here’s a sample of the benefits our current members enjoy:
  • Get $60 off when you register your business with Ownr
  • 25% off coworking packages and meeting room rentals at The Workaround
  • 30% off monthly packages from Virtual Gurus
  • Discounts on mastermind groups through InFounders

… and many more. We are always working to add practical benefits for our members.

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"As a female entrepreneur of a tech startup, it’s difficult to navigate the landscape that’s set up for the old boys club. We need groups like CanWCC to inherently see the value in what we’re doing so we can hit the ground running."
Catherine Chan
We’re not selling you empowerment. We’re working to make it a reality.

Will you join us?