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Join the only Chamber of Commerce in Canada for self-identified women + non-binary founders and business owners. United to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are.
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Professional network of like-minded founders and business owners supporting & collaborating with each other.
Perks + Offers from our partner network. Including free events, speaking opportunities, new programs, and more!
Discounts and deals from our partner network, including Wagepoint, Ownr, Sync, Zoom, and more.
Purposeful events throughout the year with freebies and discounts on ticketed events offered by CanWCC.
Real-world business advice + mentorship. We don’t have time for BS and we know you don’t either.
We love to promote your business with our Member Spotlights and more.
The ability to choose your member dues pricepoint, thanks to our Equity Pricing Policy. If you can't pay $99, pay as little as $1
Feel great knowing you've actually done something to dismantle gender inequalities in Canada.

    Our real advantage:

    CanWCC advocates for women + non-binary folks at the highest levels of government. When you become a member, you increase our influence and provide input that shapes the advocacy agenda so we can positively impact the future economy for everyone in business.
    Membership requirements:

    Membership is open to all individuals who self-identify as a woman or non-binary person

    Represent a Canadian resident business entity (sole proprietor, corporation, or partnership) that is at least 50% woman-owned – and has a woman leader/CEO
    Represent a Canadian not-for-profit corporation with a minimum of 50% women at the Board of Directors level
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    See what some of our members say about CanWCC:

    "Being in the company of other women on this journey is why I am a member."

    Michelle Leong Francis
    Chief Business Architect, TTG Group Consulting Inc.

    "Having a strong support system of like-minded entrepreneurs is essential to my business success."

    avery swartz
    Avery Swartz
    Founder & CEO, CampTech

    "CanWCC levels the playing field for women, which is incredibly valuable."

    Anu Luthra
    CEO and Founder, Lumehra

    "We need groups like this to inherently see the value in what we’re doing."

    catherine chan
    Catherine Chan

    "I saved hours of research with the resources CanWCC provided."

    Ann Xi
    Startup Founder

    "Strong businesses need diverse networks. That makes CanWCC a no-brainer."

    rachel di
    Rachel Di
    Geek Unicorn Inc.
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