Meet Shannon M. Pole, Owner of Shannon M. Pole Solutions

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

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Shannon is the owner of Shannon M. Pole Solutions, a job and career coach for young people as they navigate the uncertain time between ending their studies and deciding on a career path.  Shannon initially trained as an engineer but pivoted and found her passion in hypnotherapy and coaching.  In Shannon’s words: “I chose motion.”

Tell us how you started your business – why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?
I fell into being an entrepreneur. My job right out of school I was hired as an independent consultant… and then I decided that if I was technically already my own business, I wanted to be great at it, which led me to a coaching designation course, and eventually to starting my own business.

Who does your business support (who are your clients)?
I serve university students, as they navigate the path from school to their career.

What has been your greatest success as an entrepreneur?
To date, my greatest success has been grounding and solidifying the systems I’m using, so that I can serve the students. Along the way, I have provided a number of students with the clarity and confidence to keep going on their journey.

What have been your biggest challenges as an entrepreneur and how have you overcome them?
My biggest challenge was owning my niche – lots of obstacles to overcome before finally owning that students are my expertise area. And then the challenge morphed into actually been getting out there and making my offer to students.

What are your business growth plans?
Once my programs for University Students Job Searching has been stabilized, I want to create programs for High School Students choosing a university and programs about how to increase your success at school – presentations, exams & team projects.

What is an area of learning that you would like to focus on this year?
This year my learning focus is on how to create and deliver online programs so that I can offer programs more geographically and financially accessible.

What experience or advice would you pass on to other woman entrepreneurs?
Decide. Your decisions are so powerful, and once the decision has been made to be successful, everything can click into place. Until then, you’re just wallowing around being busy, with no business.

Shannon is offering access to Job Search Essentials – a 4-Part online series covering the 4-keys to a successful Job Search. This offer can be shared with other people.  Email Shannon for details and to secure the special CanWCC member pricing.

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