MEDIA RELEASE: Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce Partners with Mending the Chasm to Enhance Inclusivity and Equity


Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce Partners with Mending the Chasm

to Enhance Inclusivity and Equity

[TORONTO, ON. June 21, 2024] – The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC), the first and only Chamber of Commerce for women-identified and non-binary business owners in Canada, has launched a significant initiative to strengthen its commitment to Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (REDI). Established in 2017, CanWCC has quickly become a vital resource for women entrepreneurs, providing essential support, networking opportunities, and advocacy.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Mending the Chasm on this transformative journey,” said Nancy, Founder & CEO of CanWCC. “Their expertise will help us foster a more inclusive, just, and accessible environment, ensuring that our policies, structures, and practices align with our commitment to gender equity, inclusion and reconciliation.. This partnership is a crucial step towards creating a future where everyone’s belonging, dignity, and safety needs are prioritized.”

The project involved several key activities, including a series of focus groups and a survey to gather employee feedback, a DISM ISO 30415:2021 Assessment, and a comprehensive policy audit. 

The Mending the Chasm team included a team of consultants who are certified in DISM ISO 30415:2021 methodology and approach. The DISM ISO 30415:2021 is a globally recognized standard for Diversity and Inclusion in organizations, providing a comprehensive framework to help organizations foster inclusive workplaces. It offers guidelines on implementing and managing diversity and inclusion initiatives, emphasizing the importance of integrating these principles into all aspects of organizational operations. The standard covers areas such as leadership commitment, strategic planning, and community engagement, aiming to create environments where all individuals, regardless of their background, can contribute and thrive. By adhering to ISO 30415:2021, organizations can enhance their inclusivity, improve employee satisfaction, and drive overall performance.

In the coming months, CanWCC’s team will work to implement the recommendations that came out of this process and work to integrate REDI considerations into policies and practices, enhancing the organization’s capacity to foster a workplace that is safer, more accessible, and more reflective, both internally, and more broadly through within the community of diverse women we serve as members of this organization.

CanWCC and Mending the Chasm are dedicated to building a culture that values inclusion and equity, creating a robust foundation for all members to thrive.

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