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Funding for Women Entrepreneurs: Crunching the Numbers

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland announced the 2022 Federal Budget three weeks ago, on April 7th, 2022.  There is lots to talk about in this budget – some good, some not so good. But what I’ve been struggling with is not what’s in the budget, but what’s not in the budget.   For the first time …

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Member Spotlight: Jennifer Lyall

Learn more about the women in your community! Meet, Jennifer Lyall Jennifer Lyall is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer. She helps visionary entrepreneurs Release to Increase: Release confusion, overwhelm and blocks to Increase clarity, confidence and follow-through, so they can launch their projects and programs with ease. What is an achievement that you are very proud of? …

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Member Spotlight: Cheryl Haskett

Learn more about the women in your community! Meet, Cheryl Haskett, Owner of Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life Cheryl left her instructional design and corporate facilitation career to start and grow the award-winning Udderly Ridiculous Inc a goat milk ice cream company established in 2018 which launched in 2019 and Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life which launched July 2021 made up of …

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Member Spotlight: Branshe Schutz

Learn more about the women in your community! Meet Branshe Schutz, Owner of CertaPro Painters. Me and my husband bought CertaPro Painters, by destiny I ended running it mostly which I’m proud of. We paint residential and commercial, interior and exterior on East York and Don Mills area. What is an achievement that you are very proud of? Setting roots …

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International Women’s Day Challenge

Every year when people start talking about International Women’s Day (IWD), I imagine myself as a child holding a daisy, plucking off the petals, saying “I love IWD, I hate IWD, I love IWD, I hate IWD”. Why do I love IWD?  What’s not to love? It’s a day that celebrates women, our accomplishments, and puts a spotlight on women’s …

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Families of underrepresented founders deserve universal childcare

Guest Post By Tabitha Mirza [Originally Posted June 2020] When my mother immigrated to Canada from Bangladesh, she had thirteen dollars. She reminds me of this as we talk about my family’s experience trying to afford childcare, “when I first came to Toronto, I sent you to daycare for a short while. Weekly, I would have to pay five to …

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Why Universal Basic Income Would Help Women Entrepreneurs Soar To New Heights

Have you ever been told “hard work will get you where you want to be”?  Anyone who belongs to an equity seeking group knows this isn’t true. Hard work is not enough to thrive in today’s society. Systems of power and oppression get in the way from equal prosperity. The stereotypical image of the “renegade entrepreneur” who sets up shop …

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I’m Not Thrilled By The Federal Budget For 3 Reasons. Here’s Why.

The April 2021 Canadian Federal Budget was apparently the “thickest budget document” in recent years. That didn’t stop it from falling short. Three major things concern me. #1: The proposed child care program A national, publicly subsidized child care program was the “star” of the 2021 Budget, but I’m holding my applause. By 2026, a national $10/day child care program …

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Why Financial Literacy is Absolutely Essential for Growing Your Business

‘Access To Capital’ is at the top of CanWCC’s advocacy agenda, and it will stay there until we see the recommendations we’ve outlined implemented by the government, lending institutions, and funding agencies.

This lack of confidence when it comes to financial literacy isn’t due to personal shortcomings — it’s the result of running a business while navigating systemic oppression.

It’s not your mindset.

It’s not that you just need to “keep pushing”.

If you struggle with financial literacy or want to strengthen your knowledge, read this.

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An intuitive and rewarding way to save money with KOHO

Running a business in turbulent times calls for easy-to-use and flexible solutions. That’s why we’re proud to partner with KOHO to offer our members an intuitive and rewarding way to manage their finances. KOHO is an alternative to traditional banking, built to help you better manage your saving and spending. There are no fees to have or use the card …