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2010 – 2022 BDC Legislative Review Brief

Prepared by: Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce 2010 – 2022 BDC Legislative Review Brief Prepared by: Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce March 23, 2023, e-Townhall Event On March 23, 2023, CanWCC held a virtual Townhall event to raise awareness of the BDC Legislative Review and collect feedback to inform this brief. The 90-minute event, held over Zoom, was open to …

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Our Take on Budget 2023

On March 28th, the 2023 Federal Budget was announced. Just like Budget 2022, women-owned businesses did not get a mention. In fact, the only businesses mentioned in the Budget were those in the cleantech sector, which includes manufacturing, technology, construction, skilled trades, and other male-dominated industries. There is no doubt that Canada needs to transition to clean energy – but …

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Member Spotlight: Sarah Freeman

Join us in an engaging conversation as Stephenie interviews Sarah Freeman, a remarkable entrepreneur, athlete, and advocate for women’s empowerment. Through her business, “Sarah Freeman Coaching,” she guides adults in swimming, offers confidence coaching, and hosts the inspiring RAW  podcast. Sarah’s mission is to create supportive communities for women in the Bow Valley and beyond. Welcome, Sarah! Thank you for …

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Member Spotlight: Maria Vassiliou

In our Member Spotlight series, we have the privilege of getting to know the incredible individuals who make up the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Today, we’re delighted to introduce you to Maria Vassiliou, a dynamic entrepreneur with a unique and inspiring journey. We sat down with Maria to learn more about her business, motivations, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. …

MEDIA ADVISORY: CanWCC Names Catherine Chan as Chief Operating Officer

[TORONTO, CANADA, September 12, 2023] – The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC) announces Catherine Chan as its new Chief Operating Officer. Ms Chan was initially contracted as a fractional COO for CanWCC in December of 2021 to assist in growth planning and execution. In February 2022, Chan stepped into a full time position as Director, Operations & Stakeholder Relations, …

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Member Spotlight: Stephenie Farrell

Stephenie Farrell’s journey is inspiring, showcasing how personal struggles can ignite meaningful change. Her unwavering dedication to guiding women toward healing and self-acceptance is remarkable. Stephenie truly impacts lives through her innovative approach, merging movement and mindfulness practices. If you’re an entrepreneur seeking transformative guidance and a nurturing community, Stephenie’s narrative and work offer the perfect motivation to kickstart your journey to recovery. Reach out to Stephenie today and discover the possibilities that await.

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Member Spotlight: Chrystal Toop

In this edition of our Member Spotlight series, we sit down with Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, a dynamic entrepreneur and founder of multiple businesses. Alexandra shares her diverse background, experiences, and insights into her journey as an entrepreneur. Join us as we delve into her story and discover what drives her.

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Member Spotlight: Taunya Woods Richardson

Stephenie interviews Taunya Woods Richardson, a true powerhouse in entrepreneurship. Taunya’s story exemplifies the resilience, determination, and transformative potential within all of us. Her advice, accomplishments, and vision for the future serve as a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. As Taunya reminds us, “You are anything but small.” Embrace your power, leverage your strengths, and create positive change in your business.

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Member Spotlight: Tolu Amadi

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  I’m a product developer and a business coach. I run a tech solutions company that has to do with helping business owners and organizations streamline their business systems and their processes.  We provide tech support and implementation, and training. Our aim is to take away the confusion around technology, especially because it’s …

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Member Spotlight: Susan Keast

Susan Keast’s journey as an entrepreneur and her dedication to
her core values is truly inspiring. From starting her own business to making a positive impact in the field of recruiting….

MEDIA ADVISORY: CanWCC invites Chambers of Commerce to participate in DEI Working Group

–  MEDIA ADVISORY –  [TORONTO, CANADA, August 8, 2023] – The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC) announces the launch of a Chambers Working Group, involving 11 chambers across Canada. The Chamber Working Group (CWG)  is hosted and led by CanWCC. The goal of the CWG is to collaborate in creating internal diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies and organizational …