Allied Business Membership

The numbers are in: diversity in your offices, Boards, and supply chain makes your business better.

Allied Business Members are our partners in the business community. They are companies looking to do more than pay lip service when it comes to bringing diversity into their business. This membership is for corporations and businesses who are looking for new vendors, suppliers, and/or business partners and want to connect with women-owned businesses to fill these needs.

Allied Business Membership would benefit you if:

  • You own a Canadian resident business entity (ie. A Sole proprietor, Corporation, or Partnership)
  • Your business needs to hire or buy from other businesses, and you are looking for new vendors and partners to connect with
  • You want to create diversity in your business by working and partnering with women-owned businesses
  • Your company is ready to take active steps towards closing the gender gap, but you don’t know where to start

Benefits of the Allied Membership are:

  • Access to the Canadian Woman-Owned (CWO) business database
  • Quarterly impact reports with key metrics drawn from database usage
  • Ability to submit tender bid requests and requests for proposals to the CWO database
  • Curated business development initiatives and networking opportunities
  • Discounted advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Concierge service to find CWO businesses that are the right fit for you (additional fees may apply)
  • “My Business Supports Canadian Women-Owned Business” logo to show your company is actively making efforts to invest in diversity and women-owned businesses

Your annual investment in the Allied Business Membership is $1500 + tax.


A report from Catalyst found that businesses who had the most women had on average

  • 42% greater return on sales,
  • 53% better return on equity, and
  • 66% greater return on invested capital.

We can help you find the right women-owned business to work with you. Become an Allied Business Member on November 30, 2017.


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